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What’s Wrong with Name Brand Pet Food?

What’s Wrong with Name Brand Pet Food?
  • 29 November 2016
  • Pet Wants

There are many different types of food for both dogs and cats. But it only takes a little research to realize that many of those options aren’t going to provide your pet with all the nutrients it needs for optimal health. What often comes as a surprise to many pet owners is some of the biggest brands in the pet food industry sell products that are significantly lacking in nutritional value. Given all the different ways that food can affect a pet’s health, it’s frustrating to realize just how little nutrition many brands put into their food.

More Preservatives Than Freshness

The first issue with many name brand pet foods is they rely heavily on preservatives. The reason for this reliance is it’s common for these bags of food to spend a lot of time on warehouse shelves before they’re ever made available for purchase. Since the pet food makers obviously don’t want their products to spoil during this waiting period, they load them up with various preservatives. What’s even worse is if you look into certain options marketed under the concept of “prescription pet foods,” they still use preservatives like ethoxyquin that the rest of the industry considers outdated and potentially unsafe.

Most pet owners would prefer for their dogs and cats not to get a huge serving of preservatives every single day. On top of that, the longer that pet food sits in a bag, the less nutritional value it has. Even when pet foods are made from real ingredients that are considered healthy, the value of those ingredients isn’t going to hold up forever.

Too Many Fillers

While we mentioned above that even quality ingredients only have a limited window in which they can provide optimal nutrients to pets, another issue with many big brand pet foods is their lack of quality ingredients. Because many of these brands are focused on driving down the cost of their food as much as possible, they often rely on a variety of fillers. It’s common for these fillers to take the form of starchy, lower grade corn. This allows pet food makers to cheaply add calories to their products. What it doesn’t do is add nutritional value.

Pet Wants Delivers Freshness and Real Nutrition

The good news is there are better options available. At Pet Wants, we’re very proud of the food we make for dogs and cats. That’s because we make our food from high-quality ingredients. We slow-cook our food in small batches and then deliver it directly to our customers. By focusing on being the best instead of the biggest, we’re able to make food that helps pets live healthy and happy lives!

For more information on pet nutrition or to try one of our formulas, please contact Pet Wants Dayton at: (937) 813-7591.